Sunday, August 29, 2010

Square Top Lakes

Six of us hiked in (about 5 miles round trip) to Square Top lakes. The scenery was beautiful, but the lower lake had recently turned over and was really murky. We still fished it from every angle for around 2 hours before moving the upper lake which was in much better condition.

The view of lower lake looking at the inlet with the moon about to set.

On the way to upper lake I took this shot of the local flora with a couple bees enjoying the wonderful weather.

Tried my luck at the upper lake without seeing any fish for about 30 minutes. After that I took a break sitting on the rocks enjoying the views and watching for any fish. After about 20 minutes I saw a wake, once the wind died down enough to clearly see I spotted around 10-15 fish cruising the shallow shelf. Got one to hit an ant, but, broke it off on the hookset (mental note, get some new leader that can handle the new tippet). After spotting these I moved down a bit further and saw probably 30+ good size fish cruising the downwind edge of the lake. The six of us ended up throwing everything we had at them just be refused for hours.
Here is Bob (with Darv in the background) trying to decipher the secret.

Shot of Steve and Sam waving their sticks at fish.

Jon trying trying stealth tactics.

On the way back down to the lower lake I stumbled across a couple Marmots, even though this guy was only about 15 feet away I wasn't able to get a great pic before it darted back down it's hole in the rock with a mouthful of grass.

After a fun, though unproductive, day I took one last parting shot of the lower lake before hiking down.

It was good hike with great scenery and great people.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chinn's Lake

So the boy and I decided on a camping trip on short notice. Figured we would make it a car camping trip and headed up to Chinn's. Road there wasn't to bad, but, wow, was it bumpy! The reports I had heard about the road were not wrong!

The road, while not too tough to negotiate, was all rock and really BUMPY!

Stopped on the way and explored some cool old mining stuff.

Found a cool spot to camp, firepit and all.

The boy was bent on swimming even being warned of the 50'ish degree water. He actually complete submerged at one point while spending about 10 minutes in the water...I was completely stupified!

Beautiful area!

Local fauna...

Checked out the old cabin on (read in) the water.

Then it started getting ominous...

We headed back to camp and tried to gather some extra firewood thinking would need more than we brought!

Turns out we would never have a chance to burn all the wood. After bashing a hatchet for a bit I took a break by the Jeep. While standing there I heard a lone 'plink' and thought, "what was that?" Looking skyward I found nothing but clouds. No wind or raindrops. About 15 seconds later there was another 'plink' then another...then I saw the hail. Nothing to bad, bigger than a pea, but, smaller than a marble. Then it got heavier...and heavier, still not a breath of wind or rain. After we took a little shelter under the trees for 10 - 15 minutes the hail subsided and we decided go fish for a bit. It started sprinkling at that point, but not enough to be uncomfortable. I cought two brookies and promptly bonked 'em to have for din. Justin had one on long enough to see but got into rock and was lost. It would have been the first fish on his own creation of a fly he tied by himself. Bummer, but at least he is more exited about fishing now!

Shortly after this pick we had just enough time to cook up the fish and a couple brat's before the rain strengthened enough to force us into the Jeep. We we able to keep the back hatch open while we ate, but, by 6:45 the rain was heavy enough we had to close up shop. An 11 year old with more energy to burn is a challenge to keep occupied in such a small space for that long. We played the harmica a bit (poorly!) and goofed around with the camera. He got so bored he started reading the little book from our first aid kit.

It rained solidly until 3am. With both of us in the Jeep I couldn't get an angle to streatch out so I was cramped all night. I think from 3am until the sun came up at about 6:15 I slept a total of about 30 minutes. I couldn't wait to get out and stretch! It was an amazing sunrise!

We had a some donuts for breakfast and headed down to try fishing for a bit. The wind made more of a challenge than it was worth and some dark clouds started rolling in so we decided to pack it up after a long night and explore a bit more on the drive out.
It was a good trip, and memerable. I wouldn't hesistate to go back, I just wish we had a little more time to explore and a bit less rain!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feelin' Midgy...

So, a bunch of friends were headed to the high country and, unfortunately, I wasn't able to join them. I had to play Mr. Mom while the wife put in a little OT. I decided to take the kids on a little road the fly shop! Met the wife for a bit of lunch then stopped and grabbed a few hooks and tying materials. That was an experience...suffice it to say little girls and lots of colorful threads and pink feathers with a handful of baby is a tough combo. Last time I fished I kept ticking a rock while failing to get the beast in front of it to hit and coming up with little green worms stuck to my fly. Anywho...didn't have a specific pattern in mind but here is what I came up with.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Made a last minute decision to spend Father's Day morning fishing. Woke up at 4:30 and headed out, was on the water by 6:30. Figured the sun would be over the ridge before I cooled down from the hike and decided to leave the jacket in the car...froze me butt off for about an hour. [mental note...bring light jacket even if you don't need it!]

Chose to head in from the bottom this time, MUCH friendlier hike!

Wasn't to hard locating the biggins...

Caught this guy...

Then lost probably best trout of my life after he rubbed against a rock...punk. But, then got this guy...

And this guy...

Met a nice gent who hauled in a pig!

It surprised me a bit how lush the area was. What a beautiful way to spend Father's Day morning!

Can't wait to tap into my Father's Day gift!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


New forum = new friends! Spent Saturday morning with some new folks below Happy Meadows campground. Great conversations, even better ELK burgers (best burger I think I've ever had), thanks Yatahey! A good time was had by all, many fish were caught and flies traded. I look forward to some high counry time with all these folks soon!!! (I've got to find the charger for the camera!!!)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cheesman Canyon 5/16

So, I enjoyed the "pleasure" of hiking into Cheesman Canyon from the top. It was at least 2 miles to get to the water, from there I hiked about 2 miles along the river. Wow, what an amazing place! It was awesome seeing fish all over, getting to them was the challenge! It was a beautiful day and unbelievable scenery. Only caught two, but, from my understanding they are the Einstein’s of fish. So, for my First outing there I don't feel too bad. I am in decent shape, but, the hike did kick my butt! I've heard the lower trailhead is more friendly and may try that next time, though I will do the top again! No pic's, couldn't find the charger for the camera the night before.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Golf...its a stupid game.

Yesterday the wife and I headed to the range to hit some balls. I haven't touched a club since Sept 30th last year. It drives me crazy that I can go that long without even swinging a club in the yard and still hit plenty of solid shots. I have been wanting to play in some tournements, but, due to a few different factors I have not been able to do so in the past few years. This year is not looking very good for it either. It would almost be easier if went out and hacked away! I love the game...but, it really is stupid!

At least I can enjoy my favorite tournement of the year, The Masters. Go Freddy and Tom!!!