Sunday, August 29, 2010

Square Top Lakes

Six of us hiked in (about 5 miles round trip) to Square Top lakes. The scenery was beautiful, but the lower lake had recently turned over and was really murky. We still fished it from every angle for around 2 hours before moving the upper lake which was in much better condition.

The view of lower lake looking at the inlet with the moon about to set.

On the way to upper lake I took this shot of the local flora with a couple bees enjoying the wonderful weather.

Tried my luck at the upper lake without seeing any fish for about 30 minutes. After that I took a break sitting on the rocks enjoying the views and watching for any fish. After about 20 minutes I saw a wake, once the wind died down enough to clearly see I spotted around 10-15 fish cruising the shallow shelf. Got one to hit an ant, but, broke it off on the hookset (mental note, get some new leader that can handle the new tippet). After spotting these I moved down a bit further and saw probably 30+ good size fish cruising the downwind edge of the lake. The six of us ended up throwing everything we had at them just be refused for hours.
Here is Bob (with Darv in the background) trying to decipher the secret.

Shot of Steve and Sam waving their sticks at fish.

Jon trying trying stealth tactics.

On the way back down to the lower lake I stumbled across a couple Marmots, even though this guy was only about 15 feet away I wasn't able to get a great pic before it darted back down it's hole in the rock with a mouthful of grass.

After a fun, though unproductive, day I took one last parting shot of the lower lake before hiking down.

It was good hike with great scenery and great people.

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